What makes GOAT Fitness better than the rest?

Sky's the limit

Sky's the limit

  • More personalized attention with custom built training and nutrition programs designed specifically for your goals instead of "one size fits all" classes and meal plans.

  • Every coach training at GOAT Fitness has a degree, if not a Master's in the field of sports science or Kinesiology, not just a certificate you can get on the internet. (They do have certificates too though)

  • Our trainers have an accumulated experience of more than 50 years in the field getting people results and competing in bodybuilding shows, collegiate games, endurance events, and strength competitions.  

  • We are a small family owned business that truly cares for our clients and community.

  • You will get more value for a more affordable price which ultimately adds up to more GAINS.

  • We teach you how to be fit for life instead of just losing weight and then putting it back on again

  • We teach you how to make fitness a lifestyle instead of just a means to an end #fit4life.

  • We have a gym dog. CLICK HERE for pictures