Program Includes:

  • Custom training design and instruction

  • Diet design and nutrition counseling

  • A wealth of knowledge and information

  • Body composition tracking (if wanted)

  • Answer bank for any questions

  • Accountability and constant support

Introduction to Weight Training

This program is an introductory course that teaches basic techniques for those who are new to strength training or those who would like help with their current form. Many times people are intimidated by the weight room and we are here to change that. It doesn't matter who you are or what your goals are, resistance training should be a staple in everyone's life.

Our Introduction to Weight Training Program focuses on teaching and information, core strengthening, and reiterating proper form and technique. Some say that form can never truly be perfected, but legend has it, that one day, a child will be born with the skills to challenge the Gods. Could that be you?