Program Includes:

  • Custom training design and instruction

  • Diet design and nutrition counseling

  • Body compisition tracking

  • Accountability and Support

Fat loss and toning

We hear many people use the phrase "Weight Loss" when talking about getting in shape and starting a diet and exercise program, but in actuality the phrase they should be using is "Fat Loss." The reason most people fail at losing weight and keeping it off is due to the way they are dieting and training. Too much cardio, wrong macronutrient ratios, and lack of correct resistance training techniques leaves these people weighing less on the scale but with the same body fat percentage. This is what we in the industry call "Skinny Fat" nobody wants to be Skinny Fat. 

Our Fat Loss & Toning Program focuses on hardening the muscle and reducing the fat to improve body fat percentage and give the true desired look most are going for.