Program Includes:

  • Custom training design and instruction

  • Knowledge and information

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Accountability and support

Core Strengthening, Flexibility & Health

Everything starts with the core. You have to develop a strong core before to can start building strength anywhere else in the body. Flexibility promotes all around health for your entire body. Let's count the ways core strength and flexibility encourage good health: Reduces stress, reduces risk of injury, assists in posture and balance, makes everyday activities easier, improves mood and sleep, increases range of motion, promotes spine health, increased energy and vitality, tones and strengthens your abs. Sooooo ya, core and flexibility is kind of a big deal.

Our Core, Flexibility & Health Program focuses on starting from the center of your body and working our way out. We use static holds, active movements, rotational movements and anti rotational movements, balance postures and dynamic stretching to hit everything above your heels and below your eyebrows.