Free Session

Personal Training Consultation


Come check out the gym and meet some of the trainers. Our trainers are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals and will put you through a preliminary workout that will help them create a custom program designed for you specifically. Did we mention its free?

1 on 1

Personal Training


GOAT Fitness trainers are dedicated to getting you results. With the 1 on 1 sessions you get the trainers undivided attention and expertise. Our trainers provide program design and implementation, nutrition counseling with meal plans, and body composition testing and progress tracking. This is what we love and the proof is in the results. 

2 on 1

Semi Private Personal Training


The semi private personal training has all the best  parts of the 1 on 1 training but with a reduced price for bringing a friend. Utilize the trainers knowledge with a workout partner to boot. They say two heads are better than one, but all we see is more sweat.

Online Training

Programming, Nutrition, and Support


GOAT Fitness provides an online training option for those who need direction but want to try it out on their own. This online program includes a custom training and nutrition plan (designed specifically for you) as well as full access to the trainers knowledge and advice. With your new plan and the accountability of your new coach, you with have all the tools needed to reach your goals optimally. 

Free Intro to Lifting

The Big 3 Fundamentals Group Class


The big 3 lifts are the Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift. This class is an introductory course that teaches basic techniques for those who are new to strength training or those who would like help with their current form. Some say that these moves can never be perfected, but legend has it, that one day, a child will be born with the skills to challenge the Gods. Could that be you?