Big 3 Workshop

The big 3 lifts are the Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift. This class is an introductory course that teaches basic techniques for those who are new to strength training or those who would like help with their current form. Some say that these moves can never be perfected, but legend has it, that one day, a child will be born with the skills to challenge the Gods. Could that be you?



Squats are mainly thought of as a leg exercise, but they actually help promote muscle building throughout the entire body by catalyzing an anabolic environment. Squats are one of the exercises that should be part of everyone's fitness routine no matter your goals.



  • Helps builds muscle in the entire body
  • Helps prevents injuries
  • Helps Increase sports performance
  • Helps tones the entire body, butt, abs, back, and legs 
  • Increases calorie burn even after workout is over 
  • Increases balance and mobility
  • Promotes natural hormone release
  • Makes everyday activities easier


Some experts consider the deadlift to be the best and most efficient exercise of all time. A total body workout that pretty much works every muscle in your body, the deadlift is a must do exercise to incorporate if your goal is overall strength and fitness.  We like deadlifts.



  • Helps Builds muscle in the entire body
  • Helps develops a strong core
  • Helps use more calories even after your workout is over
  • Helps builds a stronger grip
  • Weak glutes and spinal erectors can be the cause of back pain, deadlifts strengthen these areas and help resolve back pain
  • Deadlifts help increase natural hormone release in the body which can lead to increased muscle growth
  • Helps builds bone density to keep you stronger and more ambulatory through your lifetime
  • Helps increases your badassness 

Bench Press

The bench press can be misjudged as just a chest workout but in actuality it does much more than that. The bench press uses your shoulders, triceps, forearms, lats, pecs, traps, rhomboids, and pretty much every muscle in the upper body, but many do not know that when done correctly the bench press also uses the legs, hips, and lower back. All the benefits of the bench press put this exercise on par with the other compound exercises for overall strength and muscle development. 


  • Great upper body development
  • Helps Increase upper body strength
  • Helps to develop the Serratus Anterior (the muscles on the side of your core)
  • Helps promote upper body bone health and density
  • Helps promote natural hormone release in the body
  • Great for sports performance
  • Helps impress friends when asked "How much ya bench"?